COVID-19 Resources for Medical & Healthcare Providers

Your Health Matters

I know many health professionals put caring for themselves at the bottom of their list of priorities. Please take the time to recharge and remember that your health and well-being is also important.

THe Impact

While we know we will rally to do what is needed and get through this time, we also know that the toll on our health systems and in our communities will be great and the ramifications will resonate for quite a while. ​

We're in this together

As medical professionals and individuals interested in health we know you are all being called on to share accurate information, take care of patients in your charge, as well as being concerned about the wellbeing of your own families and loved ones.

How can we support you?

DFC wants to know what we can do to support you. Please reach out and let us know what your immediate concerns and challenges are, and we will start to compile ideas for ways we can continue to support you as well as our community. Tap the icon and contact us via email or phone.

Resources for You

We are here to support our members, volunteers, and partners during this crucial time in Houston. 

Stress & Anxiety


  • Your Mind Matters
  • Your Body Matters
  • Your Actions Matter
  • You Matter!

Emotional Health


  • Take Care of Your Body
  • Connect With Others
  • Take Breaks
  • Seek Help When Needed

Helping Children Cope with Emergencies


  • Before Emergency
  • During Emergency
  • After Emergency
  • Resources for Children