Doctors for Change is a membership
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all Houstonians and Texans through
research, education, collaboration, and

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DFC serves as an educational resource to community members, health professionals, and doctors who are interested in advocating for their community. We have the unique ability to integrate skills learned from our educational forums and create different cases for change that will support vulnerable​ communities.


We believe that healthcare providers have a unique ability and responsibility to advocate with their patients for improvements to the healthcare system. We do this through legislative advocacy and coordinating efforts to develop legislative priorities every session in Texas.


We tackle issues related to healthcare by bringing the medical provider into the public health and policy arena. DFC serves as an educational resource and forum in which healthcare providers, students, and community members can advocate locally and statewide.

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"What I like about Doctor’s for Change (DFC) is that they bring up topics of great importance to the medical community and our patients that many of us are either unaware of, or to which we have devoted insufficient time and thought. A great example of this for me was a DFC session on the issues that transgender patients have with the health care system. This educational program was hosted by a very engaging transgender speaker with assistance from other transgender patients and health care professionals with knowledge and experience in caring for transgender individuals. I was able to use the knowledge and insight I gained from this experience to help my organization with our efforts to improve our engagement with our transgender patients. As we explored ways to educate our staff on these issues, we asked a consultant to recommend someone to speak to our staff. I was pleasantly surprised when our consultant recommended the person who led the DFC session I had attended several months earlier!”
Patrick M. Carter, MD, MBA
Chair, Department of Family Medicine Medical Director for Care Coordination and Quality Improvement Kelsey-Seybold Clinic

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