Move to the Groove: Donate for Change

Doctors for Change is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization that depends on individual donors and volunteers to help our organization thrive! We would love to have you join our team or make a donation in support of the organization. See examples below of what your gift would support.

  • $250
    Covers the cost of educational and advocacy materials for Texas legislatures. Our educational binders are regularly cited by legislators in support of bills that promote positive public health policies.
  • $500
    Helps to sustain The DFC Resource Guide which provides medical providers with the necessary tools to address social determinants of health in the clinical setting.
  • $1000
    Funds a forum addressing impactful topics and the gaps in medical education on topics relating to immigrant/refugee health, anti-human trafficking, access to care, healthy eating/ac-tive living, and mental/behavioral health.
  • $2500
    Funds a DFC Austin Advocacy trip with students, residents, and faculty to promote health policy and create impactful change.
  • $5000
    Supports conferences to promote culturally sensitive care, addressing social determinants of health, and comprehensive care.